Monday, November 15, 2010

my sister & her sweet family

i can't stop looking at these
photographs. my nieces are the
most precious little girls in the

joe & my sis and their two daughters
moved to the Philippines this past
april. they are going to try living there
for at least a year. so this is their
first christmas in a different country
with new cultural traditions.

i am going to miss them so much for the
holiday. i feel like an only child now.
but aside from that, aren't these
photos just so wonderful?!

1 comment:

  1. oh my goooodness, bethany. you are soooo beautiful. i mean, i remember you being pretty...but have grown into such a beautiful woman..soo refreshing to see your face and read your words - i feel like you and i could sit and talk for hours and hours and hours and share our gratitude for God's faithfullness to our broken little hearts and personalities. I love you dear friend. And I am well ... very well. Allowing my heart to rest in His good love. let's connect/talk/write. it is gooood.