Monday, December 20, 2010

Solitude's Desperation


He wants me. All of me.
In His eyes, I have always been perfect.
His desire burns for me.


Work ends. The same journey home begins.
The wind down. The frustration of small
town drivers who pretend they know what
city driving is like...  But this time, I forget
about the routine.  He is calling me.

The longest route home has become my new
dream... My heart floods with so much to
say to my King. Like a friend I haven't quite
opened up to in all pours out so
easily. Every word drenched in desperation
for Him - for His presence, His purpose, His

Forever changed by His love. How much easier
could it be said? I watched the sun set through
the wide open sky - deep colours that caught my
attention reminding me of Your unchanging faithfulness.
I have been ruined. I will never want another the way
I desire You. I know when I need peace - You are
Peace. When I need to settle down - You become
my Hiding Place. You meet me - before words
leave my mouth. You hear the deep of me long before
it surfaces.

I know in You - I am standing on solid ground.
I know in You - I am beautiful.
I know in You - nothing else matters. Though
things don't go my way. Though I do not half-
the-time understand. Though I become insecure.
Though I fear.

You make my world secure.
You make my world calm.
You call my mess beautiful.
Only You.
You have ruined me.


Find me here in my insecurities.
Where my mind and heart and body
can't seem to rest. Find me here amidst
the noise and chaos. Find me here...
ruin me with Your love.


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