Tuesday, February 15, 2011

another thought on Love.

There are so many times when a person can be so
cruel or impatient or just downright hurtful. How easy
would it be to react in the same manner?  To, in a sense,
punish another for how wrong you feel you were treated
or how wrong you feel another was treated.

But it is none of my business. It is not my job to do the
punishing or the correcting. As a friend recently quoted,
“It is none of my business what people think of me.”

But what I have realized, in a quiet moment in the vault
filing, is that my only job or duty or position in wrongdoing
is to generously love back. Not in sarcasm but in truth.

It is not my place to do the correcting or punishing; it is His.
And it is not my place to find out when or how He does the
correcting or IF He ever does. It is not MY story to be concerned
with; meaning, it is none of my business what I think of others.

Of course, we can twist this into many different aspects. Dissect
the boundaries of love and I would agree;  there has to be
boundaries in love. And just as a father, in love, disciplines his son to
teach him the best way to live so must we learn to love in a way that
brings life and change to another BECAUSE of Love.

Father, give us the grace to live our lives in love     
      and as a reflection of the one, true Love.

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  1. boundaries, letting go, learning to love.
    right there with ya sister.
    i like this post.