Friday, April 1, 2011

from below the ground

The damage has been done. There is nothing bad about it.
Only hard.  It’s that simple inch toward something more,
something better, yet somehow along the way it is exposing
wounds and fears that I did not know still existed.

There is something You promised in the midst of it all. Some
what of a deep, deep treasure. Something I cannot deny and
something I have to cling to – in hope. In faith. It is Your promise
and it is unchanging. It is Your promise and You have always been
faithful. It is Your promise and You will walk with me and hold me
through it.

Your promise of life.
This season – You are.
This moment – it’s all You.

In brokenness, in fear, in confusion, in the place of wounds,
in fear, in fear, in fear…… Your hand guides me.  Sustains me.
All the days of my life.

You can remove all the mountains in my way – if You wanted
to… and even so, You have given me the authority to do so just
the same.

Every step, no matter how painful or hard, is a step of Your
faithful promise.


I say I must biggie on – one more step.
One at a time.


The laboring for life.

All is well; all shall be well.
This is good & this is God.

I will not be afraid; You are in control. I will not be afraid.
I trust in You. Faithful throughout the ages.
You do not change. You remain the same.

Creator of Life.
Maker of Life.
Giver of Life.

It is Your promise.

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