Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Flower

Oh, hello brave girl:

Are you inching closer into the revelation that you are made of a sure and solid piece of steel? That the delicate flower that is pushing through the earth is, in fact, uneasily altered when the wind blows something fierce?
A someone or two once pointed this out to you, but this time, are you beginning to see for yourself? You are strength reformed as a beautiful woman.
I know there are moments when you realize the depth of loss in your life. It is painful, I know. Yet I watch you unmoved and through tears release trust through thankfulness and faith.  Do you realize that your roots are intertwining even more – growing stronger and deeper in faith? Sweet flower, you have grown to know His goodness is ever-sustaining. Never ending.
I hope you are realizing this about your own self.
That lovely person that the world sees is a true depiction of you. Listen well and take it in.  It is that wonderful perspective of truth.
I know your heart seems lost. Unveiled and vulnerable, yet still remains a bright sense of hope.  You carry in you a flame and a beacon. 
Sweet flower, soon you will blossom. The world is waiting with breath held.  And our prayer forevermore will be, “Let your roots go down deep into Love.” 
There is so much more ahead!
 All will be beautiful just in time.

Just in time.
Just in time.


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